1.  Standard Interface:  If you have used Calyx/Point in the past, you have accessed a credit report by clicking “Interfaces .”  Please note that Calyx/Point has discontinued accessing reports through “Interfaces.”  Therefore you must use “Services.”  Most of you are familiar with how to do this but here are the instructions: Calyx/Point Embedded InstructionsCalyx /Point  charges a surcharge.  Note: When you are asked to enter your Account Number, Login and Password, you DO NOT ENTER AN ACCOUNT #, just skip it; leave it blank .  We get asked this quite frequently.

2.  A Possible NO COST Exception to the Standard Calyx Point Interface - It works on most versions of Calyx/Point but NOT all.  Here are the instructions for using this interface:  Calyx Point INSTRUCTIONS .  Click here to install the interface:  INTERFACE

3.  Separately, please install our EPrint ModuleThis allows you to print by clicking on our printer icon.  It will not affect any of your other software programs.

 Please call us if you have any questions at 954-561-1400.