Each of the three repositories have their own policies regarding who we can grant access to.  Due to the amount of FRAUD in the credit reporting industry, the repositories mandate that we follow their policies with respect to end users operating out of a residence.  Listed below are their policies.  Please note, these are THEIR policies, NOT ours, so please understand.

Trans Union: 

An End User Operating from a home office may be approved by reseller only if each of the following conditions are met:  (1) site inspection must confirm physical separation of the business from the living quarters; and (2) End User is listed in either the appropriate category of a reputable/public business telephone directory (e.g., Yellow Pages, yellowpages.com, 411.com, switchboard.com) or a national or state trade association or a current copy of the End Userís telephone bill reflects the same company name and address as the End Userís application for membership and the bill reflects commercial rate charges. 




1.  The home office must be physically separated from the living quarters.
2.  An office in the home must be fitted with locks allowing it to be secured from the outside when not in use.