How It Works

For loan officers and brokers alike, helping borrowers raise their credit scores couldn't be easier.  It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Upload the borrower's credit report
  2. Enter the target credit score
  3. ScoreNavigator creates an Action Plan

Stop Guessing.  Start Closing Deals.

ScoreNavigator equips mortgage originators with a Action Plan that provides the exact steps required to raise a borrower's credit score.  

Sample ScoreNavigator

Source:             ABC Credit
Report Date:    09/20/10
File Number:    26854761

Target Score:   640

Credit Score Summary

Action steps by order of importance:

1. Short-term actions  76 points
2. Long-term actions 132 points
Maximum point increase 208 points

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The Competitive Advantage
ScoreNavigator provides mortgage originators an outstanding edge over competitors.  While other loan officers try to fit borrowers with a loan based on a low credit score, originators leveraging ScoreNavigator can match borrowers with better loans.