Credit Bureau Services – Tenant Screening


Thank you for contacting Credit Bureau Services.  As we explained, we have two programs:  regular membership where we are required to conduct a physical on-site inspection of your premises as mandated by the national credit bureaus.  There is a $75 charge for the on-site inspection.  Our second program is for clients who only use a few reports a year and don’t want to pay the $75 on-site inspection charge.

Here is the website to go to:

Click Here for the instructions. 

Basically, you create an account.  Then you enter the tenant’s name and email address.  The system sends the tenant an email.  The tenant fills out the rest.  The report is completed.  You get an email saying the report is complete.  You log back in, select the tenant and print the reports.

When you create the account, you can specify who pays.  You can pay or you can tell the system that the tenant will pay.

You should tell the tenant to look for the email.  If they don’t find it, tell them to look in their spam. 

The report will complete within 30 minutes of the tenant finishing the application. 

Please feel free to call if you have any other questions.