Thank you for signing up with CBS. 

Due to FRAUD AND IDENTITY theft, the national credit bureaus require an on-site inspection of your premises.  We have to hire an outside company approved by the national credit bureaus.  There is a one time charge of $75.  Please call the office to provide a credit card for payment.  954-561-1400

We will be ordering the on-site inspection.  Someone in your area will be contacting you shortly.  You can schedule the on-site at your convenience.

There are a couple of additional items we need to finish the set up process.  Due to fraud and identity theft in the credit arena, the national credit bureaus insist that we take extra ordinary precautions to ensure that you are a legitimate business with proper permissible purposes.  Please send a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of a recent telephone bill or utility bill.  

You can scan and email to: or you can fax to:   954-567-1441

Thank you again and we will be in touch shortly.

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